Mission,vision & What We Believe

Vision Statement

  In the year 2015 we will be a 450 million USD turnover company.

Mission Statement

  SPL mission is to revolutionize the Indian market through partnership and excellence in the field of mass communication, retail and infrastructure.

We Believe

  That we are in a business of delivering intelligent creative solutions that build brands Cost-Effectively.

  That our customer pay us for ideas that are practical powerful and delivered on time.

  That the word between “Quality” and “Delivery” is not “or” but  “and”.

  That  the  word  between  “Sales”  and “Awards” is also   “and”.

  That the great work is created by people who Work Hard, Work Smart and Work Together.

  That great ideas can come from anyone,whatever be their background, designation or functional area.

  There is always a better way of doing …everything.

  That work is worth all the sweat, all the tension and all the trauma “Only if you do it right on time”.

  That you can do it right only ‘if you enjoy doing it.

  That finally, the only measure of, and the only reward for, Sandhya Prakash Limited is the work, The Work & THE WORK.