Code of Conduct

The Code, although not exhaustive, contains guidelines for SPL and individual employees in regard to such issues as health and safety, human rights, including special references to child and forced labour, business practice, employee relations, community relations, privacy of data and procedures to report violations of the Code.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and in all countries in which SPL operates.

The Code of Conduct in practice

SPL shall comply with all applicable legislation and the regulations of the countries in which we operate including India. We always try to find appropriate ways to communicate openly with governments and international institutions on our contributions to society and the principles to which we adhere. We believe that open communication is an asset in our relationship with regulators, governments and international institutions.


SPL monitors compliance with the Code of Conduct through existing reporting systems where performance on a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPI´s) are reported by all SPL businesses. These indicators include health and safety, age and diversity statistics, education levels and many others.

Background to the Code of Conduct

SPL has traditionally striven to live up to high standards of business ethics, to be a good corporate citizen and a preferred employer. In view of the Group’s rapid growth, it has been necessary to develop policies and procedures based upon SPL’s core values of respect, responsibility and excellence. The code of conduct is a compilation of universal standards that describe SPL's expectations of its businesses and partners regardless of location and background. It is an integral part of the way SPL does business.

Furthermore, in SPL, it is important that internal and external stakeholders have a positive and consistent image of and experience of doing business with SPL.

To meet the expectations that customers, consumers, shareholders, employees, business partners and society at large place on SPL as a reliable and ethical enterprise.