Our Founder

Our founder (Late) Shri Surendra Patel had a strong belief in the quote from bhagwat gita that “Knowledge”, the object of knowledge and the knower are the three factors which motivate action; the senses, the work and the doers comprise the threefold basis of action.”

With his vision he laid the foundation of Sandhya Prakash Group by launching the newspapers “Daink Sandhya Prakash” on 15th July 1971 along with a Commercial Printing Press unit.

During his tenure he brought “State of Art” technology and instilled in the company a culture of infectious professionalism, continuous technology upgradation and globalization

The company transformed from a family driven to an Executive driven Company and is successfully tackling challenges.

Today this Group has grown in a conglomerate of companies evolved from Mass communication and Retail and is moving towards infrastructure.

We at Sandhya Prakash Group owe strong Business Ethics, Reliability and Transparent Business Operations to our founder father.


(Late) Shri Surendra Patel