SPL’s mission is to develop, produce and market value-added products and services within printing, packaging and publishing sectors. SPL’s products enrich the knowledge of hundred of millions of people in India. They also generate strong cash flows that enable good dividend growth and raise the value of SPL shares.

Growth in businesses

In the past few years, the Group has gradually shifted the balance toward its Retail and Infrastructure Sectors . This reallocation was conducted to capitalize on the massive requirement of Infrastructure in India . Demand for Organized Retail is stable in industrial countries and is rising in emerging markets like India in pace with the increase of disposable income and use of the lifestyle products.

As, SPL conducts business in two blocks: paper and Paperboard products on the one hand and Retail and Infrastructure on the other.

Market-driven strength factors

Customer and consumer insight

Understanding customer requirements and quickly realizing the consequences of new consumer needs and lifestyles is of decisive importance for a company such as SPL.

Regional presence with global strength

Many of SPL’s folding cartons sustain long-distance transport. Accordingly, production from centralized location is supplied all over India. SPL has significant economies of Scale and opportunities to exchange know-how and ideas concerning consumers and customers in various parts of the world. This occurs within such areas as research and development, technology, brand positioning and concept development.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development has been a key part of SPL’s business model and product offering for many decades. The sustainability policy and Code of Conduct stipulate how the Group addresses environmental and social issues, which create long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

Focus 2009-2010

For the consumer-centric printing products business, consumer insight and innovation is the key factor that drives sales. SPL, continues to invest to develop innovation and product development.

Within the Retail business, significant growth opportunities exist as a result of an increase in the disposable income of a greater number of people in India.