FOLDING CARTONS are mostly used as a packing material for consumer goods. It comes in many shapes and sizes as well as various colors and graphics.

The main function of FOLDING CARTONS is to give protection and facilitate transportation and marketing of thousands of consumer products.

Sandhya Prakash Limited is producing a wide range of folding cartons using different kinds of duplex boards like , Greyback duplex board, Folding Boxboard(FBB), White back duplex board, Kraftliner board, Polycoated Boards and is also producing Paper-based packaging.

Duplex boards being thin and lightweight, containers are more useful for packaging cereals, detergent, shoes, toys, crackers, medicines, cosmetics, instant food mixes, ice creams, toothpastes and many more.

Because they are made as a single layer of paper, the FOLDING CARTONS are pliable and as a result can withstand the pressure, wear and tear during transit.

FOLDING CARTONS are made of different source materials. As a general rule, they are made from paper, plastic, glass, metal and wood. Sometimes, they are also made from a marriage of these materials.


First, all paper-based packaging starts in a paper or board mill where the paper or board is made into rolls and sheets.

Next, the mills' rolls and sheets are sold to another industry known as converter like us who turns the raw material into the packaging design; whether a corrugated container, folding carton or Kraft paper bag or sack.

Then, the packaging are printed and folded before being passed on to the brand owner or packager. They, in turn, fill the packages with their products and send for distribution and retailing.

Recycling :
Any waste materials or leftovers like corrugated clippings, boxboard trim, etc., generated during the converting process are gleaned on-site and sent to the recycling mills for making new packaging.

This way the Paperboard Industry operates its own closed loop in recycling, sourcing most of its secondary fiber from the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of the economy.

FOLDING CARTONS arrived 150 years ago, give or take a few years, to meet the needs of the business which started growing beyond local markets.

It is stated that Branding Folding Cartons was done first in 1896 by the National Biscuit Company when it launched its line of UNEEDA soda crackers.

You may be a manufacturer, packing expert, distributor, retailer or consumer - wife, husband, child or student.

Every one of us is concerned with FOLDING CARTONS and none of us is an exception.

Different Perspectives
As a consumer you need to know that everything you use comes to you in FOLDING CARTONS, which are put into use for packing anything and everything from your fast foodstuff, beverage items, toilet soap, to your wife’s cosmetics, drugs, medicines, perfume to your kid’s electronic gadgets, toys etc.

As a retailer you need to know that FOLDING CARTONS attract and inform in addition to persuading a consumer to buy displayed products. More importantly, FOLDING CARTONS protect and preserve breakables and perishables in addition to defending them against tampering and theft.

As a distributor, you need to know that FOLDING CARTONS represent one of the largest businesses in the world. According to the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) 2006 estimate, Folding Carton Sales for the industry is $9.6 billions and approximately 300 companies with 475 plants are into this business.

For a manufacturer, the concern for FOLDING CARTONS starts from the time of development till the point of sale.

The most important understanding must be that consumers read what is written on the packages about the products, apart from getting attracted by the look of the outer cover.

Your appealing and persuading FOLDING CARTONS can make your brands and break records of your past sales.

As a graphic designer, you need to know that you must develop the most appealing and effective FOLDING CARTONS so as to gain the competitive edge over other competing products. An innovative use of colours and graphics can win the heart and as you know the mind usually follows the heart.

If you are into printing, you need to know that multi-color printing and images on FOLDING CARTONS can do wonders in promoting the inside products. You need to realize that you can dispense with labels or additional information displays—all information about the products can be printed on FOLDING CARTONS. For example, the dosage and timing of Drugs and Medicines to be consumed by potential patients can be indicated on the FOLDING CARTONS instead of on a separate leaflet that is placed inside along with the products.

As a developer, you need to know that convenience to consumers is the first and foremost parameter while developing the FOLDING CARTONS. The consumers prefer FOLDING CARTONS that would fit easily into their fridges, save space in their cabinet shelves and would be easy for them to handle anywhere. In short, your FOLDING CARTONS should make the life easier and the world better for your consumers.

The future of folding cartons keeps on unfolding and it will continue to do so for good

All Folding cartons must meet the environmental requirements and must be patent-compliant as well as customer caring.


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