Folding Cartons
Our supply of cost effective and innovative folding cartons can fit any need , and budget.
What we offer
STE with a cover.
STE with partitions.
TuckTop with Snap Lock Bottom.
Tuck Top with Auto Bottom.
"Outstanding Customer Service."
- Richard Engberson, Vredenstin plc. Holland
  1. Brand identification
  2. Protection
  3. Unitization
  4. Pilferage protection
  5. Promotional opportunities
  6. Increased product awareness
  Notes :
  1. The following are diagrams of standard folding cartons. SPL can work with you to customize any of the following or create your own style of folding carton.
  2. Folding carton dimensions should be given in the following order (this order is standard for the industry):
    1. Length first. Length is the larger dimension at the open end of the carton.
    2. Width second. Width is the smaller dimension at the open end of the carton.
    3. Depth last. Depth is the distance between open ends.
  3. There can be no ink or varnish in the areas being glued.
  4. All folding cartons must be coated to prevent scuffing of the graphics.
    Coatings include:
    1. Aqueous
    2. Varnish
    3. UV
    4. Film Laminate
  5. Special Effects Like Gold,Silver,Holographic Foil Stamping is possible and various security features like Microtext, Coin Reactive Ink etc can be applied.

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